Fallen Leaves

 Fallen Leaves is the fifth studio album released by reclusive singer/songwriter Ian Kippax Matthews since Exposed Roots was released in 2007. This album engineered and produced by Mick Wordley, was recorded at Mixmasters Studio in Adelaide and adds to the existing, serious, well received and reviewed body of work.

Chris Parkinson from the Yearlings and the drummer/percussionist B J Barker joined him in the studio for what was eventually dubbed ‘the single malt sessions’ recording, characteristically, live to tape. Wordley on bass and organ and Jenny Burton singing backing vocals completed the ‘band’ and made significant contributions.

The songs were prepared, aged and distilled in a remote place……..and like fallen leaves were found and collected into an album……a swansong…….or two.

The creative chemistry and communion achieved by the musicians in these fairly spontaneously formed soundscapes may well be measured in the listening.

“Seriously cool”……“deeply furrowed grooves”…………“new music from old hands”